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         Ettutharayil Finance is started in 2001 by Anu Cherian, the present Managing Director, as Ettutharayil Financiers & Chits, Ettutharayil Finance has based its framework and culture on the lines of conscience and integrity. A business model that revolves around the faith and loyalty of its customers, Ettutharayil focuses on Growth - Growth that works for you, growth that focuses on your security and growth that targets your prosperity.



         We the kerala-based financial service company "ETTUTHARAYIL FINANCE" have been operating in the financial sector for the last 16 years is foraying into Nidhi business by name ETTUTHARAYIL NIDHI Ltd. with a capital base of 1 crore with the bigger aim of entering conventional banking later.

We propose to offer the shares for general public and fixed deposit(FD) with annual interest of 11% plus profit accruing thereof.

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        Ettutharayil Finance specializes in various financial services to meet your needs of the hour. Including commercial banking services like providing loans and chit schemes, we ensure that your hard earned money is out to good use and works out beneficial for you. From hassle free gold loan services to business loans to get your business going forth, we ensure that our relations are built on the basis of trust and faith, and that you never have a moment of complaint from us.

  • Loan Against Gold Ornaments

    Gold loan

             With our Gold Loan services, it takes you just a few minutes, without the usual hassle you would have in other financial organizations, to convert your gold into liquid cash for any need of yours. With pre-payment options made available and quick loan disbursal services, we also provide in-house gold evaluation to ensure the process is smooth and transparent for you.

  • Fast Approval And Best Rate


             Be it for hospital needs or to meet the marriage expenses of your child, every family needs financial support many at times to meet many of their lifetime needs. We understand your needs on a personal level and thus help you out with Personal Loans to help you face your challenges confidently. We also provide you with financial advice on how to cater to these expenses in a planned manner so as to reap maximum benefit out of the loan amount.

  • Put Your Business Plans Into motion


             Almost every person has dreamt of owning their own business. If money has been the sole factor for you not taking that step forth, wait no more. We help you lay the foundation for your business with that seed money that would help take off your business. Just give us a call or walk down to any of our stores and we’ll discuss the procedures with you right away, so that your dreams of making it big are just a few steps away.

  • Any Time Money For Your Needs

    Chit fund

             Like all Chit Funds, we manage your subscription on a monthly basis and provide you with a safe way to manage your financial assets and savings. With various Chit Funds of varying amounts rotating in our amidst, you can choose the one most comfortable for you and then take care of the monthly payments.
    We are also the business associates of Shriram Fortune.

  • Fast Reliable World Wide Money Transfer

    Money Transfer

             Be it for educational purposes or to meet the medical expenses of a loved one, at various times we do need reliable money transfer services to send or receive money from abroad. Ettutharayil Finance provides you with an affordable, accessible, convenient and secure way to transfer your money without any unwanted hidden charges. And with 24 hour support from our Customer Centre, rest assured, you’ll know where your money is at all times.

  • protection from financial loss

    Insurance Services

            We also provide you with a one stop shop solution for your insurance needs – personal, home or car. Managing your finance and your insurance, we provide you with the perfect scenario to manage the two efficiently and in the most comprehensive way.

  • Leading PAN card services provider

    PAN Card Services

             If you have requirements of creating a PAN Card, we do provide consultancy services and for a minimal fee help you sort out all the documentation for the same. Just provide us with the relevant documents and we will take care of all the procedures for you, while you just sit back and relax and wait for the PAN Card to be delivered at your doorstep.


To Ettutharayil Finance

         Ettutharayil Finance is on the road to growth towards a very bright future and we are definitely looking for financial partners to join the bandwagon with us. The 2017-18 plans focuses on expanding to 8 branches across the state with a turnover of INR 7 Crore in the....