Ettutharayil Nidhi Ltd.

CIN- U67200KL2017PLC048479
(Approved by Government Of India)

We the kerala-based financial service company "ETTUTHARAYIL FINANCE" have been operating in the financial sector for the last 16 years is foraying into Nidhi business by name ETTUTHARAYIL NIDHI Ltd. with a capital base of 1 crore with the bigger aim of entering conventional banking later.

We propose to offer the shares for general public and fixed deposit(FD) with annual interest of 11% plus profit accruing thereof.

Value of share will be Rs. 10/-and intending client have minimum 1000 shares in beginning. There will be a locking period of 3 years.

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Gold Loan Schemes

Deposit Schemes

Duration Interest Interest Paid
365 Days 11% Monthly
365 to 730 Days 11.5% Quaterly
3 Years 13% At Maturity
Deposit Duration Return
1000/- per Month 24 Month 25680/-