Chit Fund Schemes

Get Easier Access to Credit!

Are you looking for a safe and the best option to invest your money and draw a large sum during an emergency? Chit Funds have the advantage both for serving your needs and as an investment. At Ettutharayil Finance, our subscribers trust us to take care of their hard-earned money.

You can bank on us when in urgent need of funds for any purpose, be it:

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Education
  • Life Events like Marriage
  • House Purchase
  • Gold Purchase
  • Travel

Whether you're salaried, business or even housewife, invest small to large sums of money to reap the maximum benefits out of our chit funds.

Our system has numerous built-in advantages due to which people prefer this option over other formal institutions. These are:

  • User-friendly service
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Tax Free Dividend
  • Absence of latent cost
  • No Periodic interest hikes
  • Exit Options with nominal charges

Like all Chit Funds, we manage your subscription on a monthly basis and provide you with a safe way to manage your financial assets and savings. With various Chit Funds of varying amounts rotating in our midst, you can choose the one most comfortable scheme for you and then take care of the monthly payments. We are also the business associates of Shriram Fortune. So, if you're looking for a saving cum borrowing instrument, join Ettutharayil Chit Funds today.

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