Fixed Deposits

Invest your Extra Money as Fixed Deposits and & Get High Returns on Investment!

Open a Fixed Deposit Account with Ettutharayil Nidhi and grow your savings at a fixed rate of interest. We help you to grow your savings easily by putting your money to work. Start investing with just Rs. 10,000 and get guaranteed returns.

Investing in a fixed deposit account with Ettutharayil Nidhi gives you the advantages of:

  • Growing your savings habit for a longer period of time
  • Earning a high interest rate
  • Getting loan facility from the bank
  • Using the maturity amount in making purchases of assets
  • Getting the funds from us for a longer period of time
  • Using your funds to lend for short term loans to businessmen

At Ettutharayil Nidhi, you get attractive FD interest rates of up to 12%, so you can save for your future goals easily. You make deposits that will range between 6 Months to 60 Months.

Upon investing in our Fixed Deposits, you'll get:

  • Assured Fixed Returns
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Fast withdrawals & Renewals Possible
  • Faster Growth with Compound Interest
  • Higher Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

Investing in Ettutharayil Nidhi Fixed Deposit Scheme is easy, as you can now easily invest from the comfort of your home through an end-to-end paperless online investment process.

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